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Projection and construction of WATER PURIFICATION MARSH

Water purification marsh in Lärjeåns gardens
Lärjeåns gardens in the vicinity of Angered center in Göteborg Sweden, was constructed in the beginning of 2100-century. Vegetables and flowers are cultivated both in greenhouse and outside. The cultivation is ecological without adding chemical fertilizer and insecticides and weed killer. Total area of the garden is 2 ha which can be used for cultivation and a composting construction with cultivation of pea plants for green fertilizing. There are also a permanent fruit and herb garden

Lärjeåns gardens
Selling plants and flowers and a café are prosecuted in the garden. The garden is visited of many people especially during spring and autumn. The visits are mostly in the weekends but with an increase during week days.
In 2005 a contribution was accepted from EU in Interreg North Sea IIIB, SPARC (Strategic Partnership in River Corridors) for developing the garden. Money was used for improvement of the localities, watering construction and building and development of water purification marsh as a method for sewage treatment.

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